Strength & Endurance with Mandy Wong Oultram of FlexFit Personal Training

Mandy Wong Oultram was a graphic designer with a steady income and a new home when a disaster hit with damage to her home and a lengthy legal battle.

During this time, she got into fitness while preparing for her wedding and used it as an outlet for her stress to the point where she found herself qualified as a Personal Trainer and jumping into self-employment.

In the last 3 years, Mandy and Flex fit have gone from strength to strength (pun intended). She has created a community with her clients; had articles in the press and featured in a published book. Mandy’s most recent success was being nominated for Personal Trainer of the Year.

An inspiring story of hard work, endurance, grit and determination, Mandy has achieved success both physically, mentally and with a resilient and powerful business too.

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