Sliding into your DM’s with Hannah O’Donoghue Hobbs

Hannah is very busy! Not only does she have a day job and a young daughter, but during her maternity leave, embarked on the first of her 2 side hustles. Tilly Hobbs & Co came about during night feeds as Hannah was desperately trying to find baby accessories, muslin blankets and sheets that she liked and wanted to use with her baby. Needless to say, she couldn’t find what she wanted, so with the help of her Graphic Designer sister, she went for it.

She has seen some great success, with sales nationally and in fact globally of her Manchester based designs, she has also been sold in large department stores and has some high profile customers.

Fast forward 3 years and Hannah used her experience building her own social media audience, to help other businesses build theirs. Hannah has lived Social Media since her first Myspace account and still today, spends a lot of her spare time scrolling, liking, hash tagging and DMing. You can tell she is passionate about social media and Instagram in particular and has a multitude of tips and tricks to help her clients generate more engagement, a bigger audience and ultimately sales.

This episode is full of useful information that you can take away and utilise for your own social media channels.

Hannah is Social

Tilly Hobbs & Co