Raising Awareness with Sam Fillingham and Pip UK

Sam’s story started the day after her son was born, the challenges they faced in his first few weeks and years and the way they overcame it as a family was inspiring.

Poland Syndrome is a disorder which people are born with underdeveloped or missing muscles on one side of the body, usually noticed with a smaller hand. It is a rare condition, which doesn’t have a great deal of research and it often goes undiagnosed. Sam tells the story of Ron King who has lived with it all his life but was diagnosed as a young 84 year old.

Sam has used her experience and love for her son to create Pip UK to raise awareness of Poland Syndrome, create a community of people living with the syndrome, both direct and family members, they offer support by being a first point of contact for anyone who needs it.

Sam is doing a fantastic job and couldn’t do it on her own. She has a group of loyal trustees helping her and Pip with their journey. Shirley Proctor, Angel Scott-Bottoms, Sue King and Liz Mckenna, Sam and Pip UK thank you for your generous support.

A Stockport girl through and through, Sam says every road leads to the Pyramid and while her work will help people globally, she continues to base in Stockport and is grateful for the support of locals throughout the years.

This week’s episode is not a short one. Hopefully you will learn something and maybe come away feeling inspired to help support sand raise awareness also. Put the kettle on open a packet of biscuits and share Sam’s story with your friends and family.

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