Just Do It with Andy McAnally of The SKoop & McA Fitness

Hey, I’m Andy McAnally, presenter and producer of The SKoop, Stockport’s very own independent podcast and Founder and Race Director for McA Fitness & Events.

I’ll start with the simple stuff. I’m a Personal Trainer by trade and as part of my role within my last gym job; I established a pool triathlon and duathlon series to help provide motivation for members. Fast forward 5 years and my career has moved on (now in a serious corporate job) but I have continued to provide accessible multisport events locally. I only offer Go Tri events, which are short, achievable, accessible, fun and friendly. My mission is to help as many people try triathlon as I can and hope to inspire your sporting journey.

And to the SKoop… my first love was radio, it was always a dream to work in radio, I studied radio production at university and that dream never faded, I just fell into full time work and my life moved on. I got to a stage I suppose where I realised I should have become a tea boy at 16 and forgone university.

This all changed however when an old university colleague set up his own audio production company 2 years ago. He inspired me again and together we hatched a plan to produce a Triathlon podcast for absolute beginners, something to help inspire, educate and entertain.

Then lockdown hit…

Bitten by the bug though, and with some free time on my hands as I’d had to postpone my events, I started The SKoop. The mission here was to help provide a voice for as many local business owners as possible. Those struggling thanks to Lockdown, the ones without a shop front and even the ones with a shop front. On my road, I can think of at least 10 businesses within the houses I can see from my front door and in Stockport there are many more roads just like this.

The first episode aired on all podcast platforms in May 2020 and 6 months later it is continuing to grow listener numbers. I have interviewed some great characters, with successful businesses and I’m looking forward to continuing to do so.

I also have a day job, 2 kids and still love training and listening to audio books and podcasts. You’ll rarely catch me without my headphones in my ears or around my neck and in the spare time I have, I love nothing more than supporting local businesses having breakfast, coffee or beer with family and friends.

You can find all of Andy’s  and Tamsin’s   contact detail in our own directory at www.theskoop.co.uk

McA Fitness & Events

Tamsin Caine – Smart Divorce

Andy McAnally is a lifelong resident of South Stockport and has set up The SKoop during spring 2020 as a way to draw on the awesome community spirit in the area. The SKoop is for residents and business owners in Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall, Hazel Grove, Marple and Stockport.

The SKoop is recorded and produced by Strength In Media.

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