Flying The Nest with Jill Hardisty of The Styled Nest

Jill is an interior designer with her own fledgling business. After a career in recruitment, that in her own words, didn’t suit her, she spent the last decade making house and looking after her young children. During this period, Jill has pursued her passion of interior design. She has renovated her own home (check out her Instagram, it looks stunning) as well as gaining qualifications and helping friends with their homes.

Now after creating a portfolio and building a website, The Styled Nest is ready to fly and Jill is open for business.

Hopefully Lockdown nearly over, Jill is looking forward to an exciting first calendar year in 2021.

Andy McAnally is a lifelong resident of South Stockport and has set up The SKoop during spring 2020 as a way to draw on the awesome community spirit in the area. The SKoop is for residents and business owners in Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall, Hazel Grove, Marple and Stockport.

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