Feeding Lockdown With Beercan Chicken – Rick Belizidia-Carroll – Beigel

Rick Belizidia-Carroll spent 20 years in corporate sales and after finding himself without a full time job at the start of lockdown, two kids to entertain and a battle with his mental health, Rick put his passion to work and made steps towards his lifelong dream by bringing beigels to the masses.

Rick loves cooking, spends a lot of his spare time in the kitchen or watching cooking shows on Netflix and felt the time was right to take the leap.

Beigel established 4 weeks ago, delivered 130 lunches on day one and has gone from strength to strength since. Rick uses restaurant inspiration in his menu and his long term goal of running a local deli also inspires. Rick is clearly passionate about food and flavour combinations and having tried the food myself I can vouch for the quality.

As well as providing lunchtime treats to paying customers, Rick has very kindly offered delivery to shielding residents, Stepping Hill hospital and local schools as his way of paying back the community and key workers during current times.

Keep an eye out on their social media feed for the special menu with some tantalising treats coming soon.