Episode 009 – Guinot Bramhall

On episode 9 of The SKoop, I  speak to Karen Hargreaves of Guinot Bramhall. Karen has been a business owner in Bramhall village for nearly 3 years and has gone from strength to strength. Like all of us, she has faced difficult times of late and reopening is still uncertain, however, Karen hasn’t let time pass her by and she has been offering valuable content across her social media platforms. She has been putting together videos with her team and her Mum, providing DIY beauty advice, product education as well as other entertaining titbits.

Guinot Bramhall is one of 9 Guinot franchises in the UK and has been popular with local residets since the business opened in 2017. Karen spotted a gap in the market and while there are other beauty salons and therapists in the area, she felt the specialism in the brand would set her apart from the rest.

In this week’s episode, I talk to Karen about home and Stockport after she had lived abroad for many years, the many hats of a small business owner, we talk about how her Mum has been a part of her recent marketing and she offers me some advice on my skin care routine.

Karen was great to talk to, she has some excellent tales to tell and you can really hear her passion for both beauty and the SK postcodes in her stories.