Directory Marketing with Kerry Burgess of Cheshire Marketing

This is one journey and a half! Kerry had planned to be a teacher, she went to university to train but then life took a twist when her eldest son arrived. She finished her degree, but decided that a demanding teaching role with a young family wasn’t fore her, so she took the “easy” option and set up a business of her own, selling children’s books. Fast forward a year or two and this ambitious young lady saw another opportunity to expand. She had been attending various local family events and decided she could do something similar to promote Cheshire Books and help other local businesses sell their wares. This expanded to national events and as the business grew, so did her family. Another baby came along and Kerry decided to niche even further to Marketing and Leaflet Distribution with Cheshire Marketing and more recently she saw the need for a local business directory and launched The Cheshire Directory.

Kerry definitely sees an opportunity and a gap in the market and runs with it!!

Kerry has grown up in the SK postcodes and has developed strong relationships with local business owners through her own businesses and in the last year, The Cheshire Directory. She has used various networking events as well as print (leaflets and signage) to build her brand recognition and you can now network along with Kerry at her own events too.

In todays The SKoop, Kerry talks about her challenges and successes and how the local community is important to her business strategy and how her business serves the community too.

Andy McAnally is a lifelong resident of South Stockport and has set up The SKoop during spring 2020 as a way to draw on the awesome community spirit in the area. The SKoop is for residents and business owners in Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall, Hazel Grove, Marple and Stockport.

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