Creating an experience with Lucy Allen of Not Just Travel

Lucy Allen doesn’t do things by halves… Like a lot of local business owners, Lucy was made redundant and made the decision to freelance. As a marketer working within the travel industry, she started off freelancing before finally taking the leap and setting up with her own Not Just Travel franchise. All sounds simple and normal practise, until you factor in the full time job for the first 10 months and the new born baby arriving within her businesses first year.

Lucy has a passion for travel and listening to her talk about both her own travels and her business, you can tell this really is her other baby.

She has developed strong relationships with the local community, utilising networking and mother and baby groups. She has developed a brilliant business and has managed to survive lockdown in the process!

If you’re looking for your next holiday, as a travel consultant, Lucy does more than book your holiday for you. She understands your wants and needs to ensure every booking is her clients dream holiday.

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