A Blackbelt in Boundaries – Becky Field – Westfield Coaching

Becky explains what she does much better than I do, she’s a coach, or a tutor, not a teacher. She works with business owners but isn’t a business coach or a life coach really…

What she actually does really well, is listen and communicate with people. She helps those people understand themselves better, understand their why, create boundaries and enhance results. What she doesn’t do, is assist with strategy or business or life planning, so we’ll just call her a coach.

Becky started life as a Graphic Designer, which led her to teaching and eventually to coaching. Her niche, you can clearly see from her website and social media is business owners, but she hasn’t sought that niche out. She explains that she works with the people that gravitate to her and that both parties, she and they can benefit from.

Becky has also dealt with some of her own troubles, alcoholism, poor mental health and finding her own identity, the last two, she battled between a 14 year teaching career and developing her own start up. They no doubt helped with the strength she now passes onto her clients.

In my conversation with Becky, she tells a great story, she left me asking questions, not only of her journey and development, but of myself as well. I honestly felt I came away from our interview know us both a little better.

A Stockport resident for half of her life, Becky works from home in Marple, but has great relationships with business owners and community members through the entire Stockport borough.

Enjoy this episode, learn something and contact her if you think she might be able to help you.